NCAHPD History


The North Carolina Alliance was originally co-founded by Tom Bacon and Jacqueline Wynn of North Carolina Area Health Education Center and Peggy Valentine of Winston-Salem State University. Through this partnership, the first NC Health Professions Diversity Conference was held on March 31 – April 1, 2008 in Greensboro, NC. Over 150 health professionals, educators, policy makers and legislators attended. The conference produced a number of recommendations to increase the representation of diverse students in health professions programs.

One of the key results of the conference was the formation of a steering committee with representatives from various health professions schools, the community college system, and local health organizations. The group engaged in a strategic planning process in 2010 and meets on a regular basis to dialogue on issues that affect diversity. The second North Carolina Health Professions Diversity Conference was held August 29 – 30, 2012 in Greensboro and over 200 participants attended.

For more information about The North Carolina Alliance’s plans and activities, please contact:

Dr. Peggy Valentine 
Ms. Jackie Wynn