2015 NC Health Professions Diversity Conference

Showcasing Success in Creating Equity in Opportunity

    Thank you for attending the 2015 conference

    The entire planning committee wishes to thank you for your attendance at this third state-wide conference on preparing a diverse health professions workforce. Previous conferences have produced a number of recommendations to increase the representation of diverse students in health professions programs. Since our 2012 conference, we have officially launched the North Carolina Alliance for Health Professions Diversity, established a website, www.ncahpd.org and have conducted ongoing meetings to plan this conference.

    The state of NC and the nation has real issues around population parity as it relates to the health profession. Demographics indicate that percentages of persons of color are increasing, yet we do not see a corresponding increase in diversity in our health programs. Research indicates that increasing the diversity of the health professions workforce reduces health disparities. It is the desire of the planning committee that this is not just another conference, but rather an opportunity to showcase and highlight best practices and strategic discussions around addressing this very important area.

    Our mission is to promote and enhance diversity of these professionals through strategic partnerships and we envision that through all our individual and collaborative efforts, health professions will reflect the rich diversity of our state. This conference aims to further that goal.

    Again, we thank you for your participation and dialogue and hope that you will be reinvigorated to promote a more diverse health professions workforce in North Carolina.