Community Health Grants


      These funds are directed toward safety-net organizations that provide health care services to underserved populations. Safety-net organizations include free clinics, public health departments, school-based health centers, rural health centers, community health centers, and other not-for-profit clinics.

      Generally, these funds are for organizations to make improvements in at least one of these areas:

      • To increase access to preventive and primary care services for uninsured or medically indigent patients.
      • To establish new services in community health centers where no such services previously existed.
      • To increase capacity to serve the uninsured by upgrading or replacing facilities, equipment, or technologies.


      Community Health Grants improve health care delivery to North Carolina’s uninsured and indigent residents. Grant awards are made to qualified sites based on ability to demonstrate increased access and patient care. Patients are associated with a medical home*, which are proven to decrease health care costs by avoiding excessive emergency room visits and hospital readmissions. Patients’ health is improved by emphasizing primary health care before chronic health conditions emerge.

      Coverage Cost and Performance

      • Recurring State appropriation of $5.4 million.
      • Grants are limited to 3 years, up to $150,000 per year.
      • Awards made for both capital improvements and direct patient care, and must include a sustainability plan.
      • Average annual cost per patient is $53.
      • Connected over 89,000 uninsured and indigent patients to a medical home.


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